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My son wasn't saying much by the age of 2. We started looking for a speech therapist in our area and were lucky enough to get an appointment. They have been working with our son for a year now and he's starting to progress in speech. He was diagnosed to Apraxia of Speech and so they have been working with him 3 days a week now.
Melissa C.Palm Harbor, FL

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Welcome to Speech Therapy Assist, a place where you can find some of the best speech therapist in your local area. Whether you are looking for a speech therapist who can help with speech delay or you need someone who specializes in Apraxia of Speech, we can help connect you with one of our preferred Speech Therapist partners. We have located some of the best speech therapy clinics that are ready to take on new clients.

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You might be looking for a speech therapist who specializes in Apraxia of Speech or delayed speech and don’t know where to start. Your child’s doctor may have references of speech therapist in your area who are qualified and who are taking on new clients. Depending on your area, speech therapy clinics fill up quickly. With the increase in demand for speech therapy it may be difficult to find a practice that is open to new clients and who may have a waiting list.

You are probably asking yourself “Where can I find speech therapy near me?

Just like most people, they don’t know where to start to find a qualified speech therapist. This could be a new journey for you if you are looking for a speech therapist for your first born. Just like our family our first born son needed a speech therapist and we found one by searching our local area. If you did search for “Speech Therapy Near Me” be sure you really do your research as the results you see might not be the best results. A speech therapy practice that is closer to you may not be as well reviewed as one that is further away. Also check to see if they offer the services you need. Our son was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech and needed specialized care.

You can read more about Childhood Apraxia of Speech here.

After your child has been in speech therapy for some time, you might notice other parents asking you “how do I find a good speech therapist near me?” We have friends in other states who have asked us this same question after knowing our son was going through this process. Its definitely a learning process for everyone. How do you deal with your child’s lack of speech, how do you find a qualified speech therapist, where do you start?

The purpose of our website is to help parents and individual learn where to start in this journey of speech therapy. There are many speech therapy clinics vying for your business, but not all of them are as well reviewed or have the services you may require. For instance, does your child need help feeding themselves, dressing themselves, walking up or downstairs? Depending on their age they may need Occupational Therapy (OT) which is something not all speech therapy clinics offer and is a completely different therapy altogether.

Look for your state from the above map and within those pages you can find your city or a city near you that will show speech therapists near you.

These speech therapy clinics will help you, answer any questions you may have and will help setup your appointment.