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Speech Therapy Assist started as a personal project for our family. Our son Elijah was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech at the age of 3. We noticed something was wrong right before he was two years old because he wasn’t progressing with his speech. Over a period of 6 months he gained no new words. We looked for a speech therapist in our area and wanted to find the best care we could. After searching and asking around we found a speech therapy clinic near us and thus started our journey with our son to help him with his speech.

After going for nearly a year they were able to make the diagnosis of Apraxia of Speech, which is different than delayed speech or other speech disorders. He requires intensive speech therapy 3 times a week, more if he can get it.

The idea behind Speech Therapy Assist was to help other families and individuals find a qualified speech therapist in their area. Not just any speech therapist but one that is qualified, well reviews and who offers the services they need. Believe it or not, Apraxia of Speech requires a different type of therapy than delayed speech. At the time we didn’t know anything about Apraxia. We are very grateful for the Speech therapy clinic our son goes to as they are constantly trying to adapt and incorporate new technologies that can help our son. Finding a clinic like this is vital to the success of your little one. Not every speech therapist will be up to date on the best practice or what works best for certain diagnosis. Even though Apraxia of Speech isn’t new its being diagnosed more and new techniques are being proven with great results.

Thank you for taking the time to look through our site and if you need help finding a great speech therapy clinic in your area please don’t hesitate on contacting us!